Removable gasket plate heat exchanger HVAC marine heat exchanger gasket plate

Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger Frame plate: Carbon steel/StainlessNozzles: Carbon steel/StainlessMetail Lined: Stainless steel, TitaniumGasket: NBR(Nitrile), EPDM, F26, FTP etcPlate: Stainless steel 316L/304/Titanium/ti-PD SMO254/Ni/HASTELLOY(C276,C22)Gasket fastening solution: Clip-on gasket/Tape-on gasketSpecificationThe bot

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Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger 
Frame plate: Carbon steel/Stainless
Nozzles: Carbon steel/Stainless
Metail Lined: Stainless steel, Titanium
Gasket: NBR(Nitrile), EPDM, F26, FTP etc
Plate: Stainless steel 316L/304/Titanium/ti-PD SMO254/Ni/HASTELLOY(C276,C22)
Gasket fastening solution: Clip-on gasket/Tape-on gasket

Detachable Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger HVAC Marine Heat Exchanger Gasket Plate

Detachable Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger HVAC Marine Heat Exchanger Gasket Plate
The bottom of the center to ground level (mm)130
MAX.LC (mm)1200
Connection (mm)50
Maximum flow (m3/h)36
Design pressure (MPa)1.6
Max. number of plates250
Plate MaterialSuitable fluid
Stainless steel (SUS304, 316L etc.)Pure water, River water, Edible salt water, Mineral oil
Titanium, ti-pdBrine, sea water, Salt water
SMO254Dilute sulphuric acid, Salt water solution, Inorganic aqueous solution
NiHigh temperature, High concentration of caustic soda
Hastelloy (C276, C22)Concentrated sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid
Main body gasketOperating temperature (ºC)Suitable fluid
NBR-15 ~ +135Water, Sea water, Mineral Salt, Brine
EPDM-25 ~ +180Hot water, Vapour, Acid, Base
F26-25 ~ +230Acid, Base, Fluid
FTP0 ~ +160Concentrated acid, Base, High temperature oil, Vapour
Plate typeApplication
Lower runner (B)Temperature drop of heat-transfer medium too large, Temperature difference of logarithm too small
High runner (H)Request of viscosity, Fibroid, Pressure drop too small
ModelA (mm)B(mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)MAX.LC (mm)Connection (mm)Exchange area (m2)Max. number of platesMax. volume flow (m3/h)Design pressure
M3 / B30BN(2.5+X)18060480357500320.03295181.6
TS6M / S60HN(4+X)4002037043801200650.086147501.6
M6 / B60BN(2.0+X)3201409206401200500.15250361.6
M6M / B60HN(3.0+X)3201409206401200500.15203361.6
M10B / B100BN(2.55+X)470225106971916001000.252781401.0/1.6/2.5
M10M / B100HN(3.95+X)470225106971916001000.251801401.0/1.6/2.5
TS20M / S200HN(4+X)800363140569830002000.34006001.6
TL10 / L100BN(2+X)4802251888133830001000.54001401.0
M15B / B150BN(2.5+X)6102981815129430001500.656003601.0/1.6/2.5
M15M / B150HN(3.95+X)6102981815129430001500.656003601.0/1.6/2.5
M20M / T20M / B200HN(4+X)7803532260147830002000.854006001.0/1.6
MX20B / MX25B / B250BN(2.5+X)9204392895193930002501.55007501.0/1.6/2.5
M30 / B350BN(3.3+X)11505962882184248003501.857009971.0/1.6

Features of detachable plate heat exchanger
1. High heat transfer efficiency, can reach 1ºC temperature difference.
2. The floor space is small, the structure of the plate heat exchanger is compact, and the floor space is small. There is no need to reserve a lot of maintenance space during installation, and the heat exchange can be increased.
3. Low cost, light weight, can increase or decrease the heat exchange area, under the same heat exchange, the heat exchange area is smaller than the tube heat exchanger, reducing user costs; it can be increased or decreased according to the working conditions Heat exchange area.
4. Less heat loss and convenient for heat energy recovery.
5. Convenient maintenance, simple and easy to clean, just loosen the threads on both sides, saving maintenance costs and time.

Detachable Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger HVAC Marine Heat Exchanger Gasket PlateDetachable Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger HVAC Marine Heat Exchanger Gasket PlateDetachable Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger HVAC Marine Heat Exchanger Gasket Plate
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