Water-cooled screw type full liquid chiller water source heat pump ground source unit

Specifications:Cooling only type;Screw compressorChilled outlet/inlet water temp. 7/12 degree.Cooling capacity:150~1900kw.R22/407c/410aFeatures:1. Superior Performance: international advanced semi-closed screw compressor; several  refrigerant circuits insure no stop when one circuit needs maintenance; lo

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Cooling only type;
Screw compressor
Chilled outlet/inlet water temp. 7/12 degree.
Cooling capacity:150~1900kw.
1. Superior Performance: international advanced semi-closed screw compressor; several  refrigerant circuits insure no stop when one circuit needs maintenance; low noise; efficient heat transfer;
2. Unique High Temperature Type Chiller
3. Easy Installation: compact structure, take up limited space; refrigerant has been filled in the chiller so as to save time and expenses;
4. Low Cost for Operation and Maintenance;
5. Comprehensive Security Protection: high and low pressure protection, electric motor protection, safety valve protection, all the above protections ensure the unit safe and stable in operation.
6. Optional device: partial or total heat recovery system
7. Cooling capacity: 150~1900kw.
Condenser fanModelUltra low-noise axial fan
 KW1.1×41.1×51.1×61.1×8 1.1×101.1×121.1×161.1×121.1×161.1×201.1×241.1×32

product features
 Superior performance
Adopt world famous semi-hermetic screw compressor, integrate motors and compressors, no refrigerant leakage.
When there are several compressors, the control system will start and stop them by turns, balance the load of all components in order to prolong the life of unit .
The units always has several refrigerant circuits, when one of them needs maintenance, the rest can also work normally.
 The compressor adopts unloading and step-down voltage starting method to avoid the impact of power system.
Ultra-low noise design of turbine blades.
V-type structural design, good cooling effect.
Unique high-temperature-type unit
High-temperature heat pump unit can provide maximum 55-60 ºC hot water for heating, and also sanitary hot water. The idea of "big difference, small flow" is in line with energy saving which we always place at first place.
Easy installation
Compact structure,take up small area, save room space.
The machine has been filled with R22 refrigerant and lubricant when it is finished in the factory, so it reduces installation time and costs.
Little vibration, and the installation of vibration isolation is easy.
You just need to connect water pipes to the evaporator when in installation..
Low operation and maintenance costs
 The unit can realize intelligent control in accordance with load demand: four-step(100%, 75%, 50%, 25%) capacity adjustment are available, thus when the unit is working under partial loading conditions, it can save energy to a large extent.
The total parts of screw compressor has only 1/10 of reciprocating compressor, simple structure, less wearing parts, no inlet/oulet valves, so it has a very low failure rate.
The screw compressor can work up to 40,000 hours trouble-free .
Security measures
Pressure protection: high pressure and low pressure protection device.
Motor Protection: loss of voltage protection, lack of phase protection, reverse-phase protector, internal overheat protector.
Anti-frozen protection: When the chilled water temperature is too low, the unit will stop.
Safe valve protection: When the refrigerant pressure exceeds a certain value, the safe exhaust valve will automatically open.
All the above protection measures assure the unit safe and stable.


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