Chiller Air-cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller

Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller 1. Air cooled industrial chiller applicationsEurostars provides flexible cooling solutions for a wide assortment of industries. Our solutions range from food processing chillers for breweries and yogurt companies to industrial chillers for metal finishing, agricultu

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Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller 

1. Air cooled industrial chiller applications

Eurostars provides flexible cooling solutions for a wide assortment of industries. Our solutions range from food processing chillers for breweries and yogurt companies to industrial chillers for metal finishing, agriculture, and so much more. Eurostars chillers are widely used for the following industry:

(1)Eurostars chiller used in food industry:
Used for all types of goods after warning,high speed cooling,let it can fit for into the jar and bottle.Also it has all kinds of fermented food need different temperature to stable the fermented requirement,to improve the fermented food,to make sure the fermented quality.It is also used in pharmaceutical,chemical work refrigeration equipment.
(2)Eurostars chiller used in plastic processing machinery forming mold cooling:
It can greatly improve the plastic surface finish of plastic products.Reduce the plastic products surface trace and internal stress,let product not shrinking,not deforming,it is good for plastic stripping,accelerate product styling.Highly improve the efficiency of the plastic forming.
(3)Eurostars chiller used in CNC machine tools:
Coordinate boring machine,grinding machine,machining center,combined machine tools and all kinds of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and hydraulic system media freezing.It can accurate control oil temperature. Effectively reduce the thermal deformation of the machine.
(4)Eurostars chiller used in electronic industry,ultrasonic cleaning industry:
Used for cooling stable the inside molecular structure of the electric components.improve components qualified rate.It can reduce the cleaning agent temperature,condensed gaseous cleaning agent.Effectively prevent the evaporation of cleaning agents.
(5)Eurostars chiller used in plating industry:
The plating solution cool.So that metal,non-metallic molecules stable,metal molecule with a stable current quickly attached to the plating surface.Increase the density and smoothness of the plating.Shorten the plating cycle,improve quality,effectively recover all kinds of expensive chemical substances.
(6)Eurostars chiller used in vacuum ion plating industry:
The ionization source is heated to start during initial operation,running need cooling.cooling system malfunction will cause the ionization source to be damaged.Cooling water must use high pressure pump to make the cooling channel in the ionization source cools the ionization source.
(7)Eurostars chiller used in grinder industry:
Three roller machine during the grinding.Due to the molecular structure change produce temperature.Too high temperature effect raw material quality,production efficiency.Wear serious equipment.Use chiller circulate cooling to control the temperature.Greatly increase production.Reduce the loss of the equipment.The most import is protect the staff safety.
(8)Eurostars chiller used in pharmaceutical:
It is mainly control the permeated drugs temperature control.Pharmaceutical companies should make full use of chiller,on the basis of giving play to advantage,increase the technology innovation,increase the  chiller performance price ratio,so as to better serve the pharmaceutical sector.

Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller

2. Eurostars air cooled water chiller main components

Hermetic CompressorIndustry leader, long lasting compressor with motor contactor
Microprocessor ControlStand alone,simple, accurate control with over 10 years field testing
Stainless Steel Brazed Plate EvaporatorCorrosion resistant evaporator wrapped in closed cell insulation
Copper Tube/Aluminum Fin CondenserRust resistant and high CFM
Stainless Steel PumpFused, non-ferrous pump for process circulation
Polyethylene Storage Tank Closed cell insulation for increase temperature control with reliable, corrosion resistant
Painted Galvanized Steel Metal CabinetSturdy, corrosion resistance, professional appearance
Insulated Process Fluid Lines Maximum thermal efficiency
Factory Tested Ensures the unit meets the customer's performance designed criteria and arrives in working order
Full Refrigerant ChargeHassle free and more efficient installation

Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller

3. Eurostars air cooled industrial chiller features

(1)Compressor is used USA "COPELAND" brand, other brand is optional .The inside safety protection can guarantee the long lasting of the chiller well. 
(2)Equipped with finned tube condenser and stainless steel cased evaporator, which are quite easy to be cleaned and maintained. Equipped with automatic water supply device in the water-tank. Air cooled cased chiller with plate type evaporator is suitable for the district of lack of water resource and district of poor waster quality.
(3) Bigger units are assembled 2 set or 4 sets of compressors, so they are able to used as separate or together to reduce the resource waste.
(4)Complete with safety protection and error indication system ,including compressor over load, protection, pump over load protection, high pressure and low pressure protection and failure protection.
 (5)Equipped with figure intellectualized temperature controls, which can accurately measure and control water temperature within the range of 5°C~25C.

4. Eurostars air cooled industrial chiller technical data 
Please ask salesman for detailed complete data or visit our website:
Air Cooled Chiller Unit
Item NO.12345681012
Rated Cooling CapacityKW2.76 5.72 8.96 11.31 14.12 17.24 22.62 28.24 34.48 
USRT0.78 1.63 2.55 3.22 4.02 4.90 6.43 8.03 9.81 
×1000 kcal/h2.37 4.92 7.71 9.73 12.14 14.83 19.45 24.29 29.65 
Air Cooled Chiller Unit
Item NO.15202530405060
Rated Cooling CapacityKW43.2258.271.1887.387.78116.4142.36177.95175.56
USRT12.29 16.55 20.24 24.83 24.97 33.11 40.49 50.61 49.93 
×1000 kcal/h37.17 50.05 61.21 75.08 75.49 100.10 122.43 153.04 150.98 
(1) Rated Cooling Capacity Based on:Evaporating temperature 7ºC;Condensing temperature 50ºC,Ambient DB=35ºC.
(2)Chilled Water Range: 5~25ºC;

5. Eurostars air cooled industrial chiller protection devices
Motor overload protectionCompressor motor overheat protection
Phase protectionDischarge temperature overhigh protection
High&low pressure protectionReturning water overheat protection
Low water flow/level protectionAnti-freezing protection

6. The benefits of air cooled industrial chillers
Using Eurostars as your supplier for top-tier, quality air-cooled chillers brings with it numerous advantages for the busy manufacturer looking to get the most out of their production capabilities.

By using Eurostars air-cooled chillers in your business, you'll be able to:
(1)Quickly cool produced parts, resulting in less delay during production
(2)Increase the number of parts generated in a working day
(3)Produce more precise and consistent products
(4)Increase profitability due to sped-up production
(5)Utilize the process for numerous applications, including molding and hydraulics

Additionally, Eurostars air-cooled chillers help you avoid having to use a water-cooled system, which often relies on city water. In some areas, doing so is against city and county regulations, while the cost of doing so in any area is often prohibitive as well.

7. Eurostars water chiller series
(1)Commercial Water Cooled Chiller
- Scroll type water cooled water chiller
- Screw type water cooled water chiller
- Flooded type water cooled water chiller

(2)Commercial Air Cooled Chiller
- Scroll type air cooled water chiller
- Screw type air cooled water chiller
 - Flooded type air cooled water chiller

(3)Industrial Chiller
- Air cooled industrial chiller(with heat recovery)
- Water cooled industrial chiller(with heat recovery)
- Glycol chiller (with heat recovery)

8. About Eurostars
We, EUROSTARS, which established in year 2006, is a modern hi-tech enterprise, specializing in Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Industrial Refrigeration research, development, production, sales and engineering services.
Webiste 1:
Website 2:

Eurostars team with more than 10 years experience of HVAC equipment and system in local China and international market, has provided qualified HVAC equipment, installation and service to 30+ countries around the world.

Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller
Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller
Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller

Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller

9. Eurostars air cooled industrial chiller package and delivery

Our standard package is plastic film with plywood case for safe delivery and easy to load/unload.
Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller
Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller

10. Eurostars industrial chiller projects

We exported chillers to Ukraine, New Zealand, Guatelmala, Peru, Chile, Norway, Serbia, Romania, Greece, France, South Africa, Australia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, Argentina, etc..
Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller
Water Chiller Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Industrial Chiller

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