Pressure atomization spray dryer drying equipment

                  Pressure Atomizing spray Drier drying machine drying equipment                                            DescriptionYPG pressure spray dryers utilize spray

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                  Pressure Atomizing spray Drier drying machine drying equipment

YPG pressure spray dryers utilize spray nozzle to atomize the materials to tiny liquid drops, which drop in parallel with the hot air at the top of the tower to finish drying, and transform the materials into powdery or granular products. This pressure spray drying machine is very suitable for drying thermosensitive materials.
YPG pressure spray dryer is broadly used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, dye, ceramics, biological, pesticide, plastics and other industries. The following are some specific applications:
                                      Spray Drying Granulation
Chemical industry: organic catalyst, resin, synthetic detergent, oil, thiamine, dye intermediate, white carbon black, graphite and ammonium phosphate.
Food: amino acid, spices, protein, starch, dairy products, coffee extracts, fish meal and so on
Pharmaceuticals: Chinese patent medicine, pesticide, antibiotic and dissolved medicines
Ceramics: magnesium oxide, porcelain clay, all kinds of metal oxide, dolomite, etc.
Spray Granulation:
Fertilizers, alumina, ceramic powder, heavy metal, granulous detergent and Chinese patent drug
Spray Cooling Granulation:
Aliphatic acid, paraffin, olein and oil
In addition, our spray drying machine can also be used in the fields of spray crystallization, spray concentration and spray reaction.
                                Features of Pressure Spray Dryer
1.       The characteristics of this spray drying machine include fast drying speed, high dust collection rate and energy conservation.
2.       The dried products are in the shape of spherical particles, with uniform particle size, good fluidity and solubility, high purity and superior quality.
3.       With wide range of applications, this pressure spray dryer can not only implement hot air drying and granulation, but also conduct cooling granulation, spray crystallization and spray reaction.
4.       This spray drying machine is easy to operate and maintain. It is also easy to realize automatic operation.
Evaporated Amount of Moisture (kg/h)25501001502003005001000
Pump Pressure (mpa)The pressure is generally between 1 and 3 mpa if the materials are under 0.65 to 5 mpa.
Power (kw)0.3547.51115223055
Inlet Air Temperature (ºC)150 to 350
Diameter of Tower Body (mm)13001600200024002800320038004600
Height of Tower (mm)78008900115001350014800154001880022500
Flow Chart of Pressure Spray Dryer Machine

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