Hyundai oil cooler, strip fin oil cooler

Oil Cooler,bar-fin Oil Cooler For Hyundai   (After Market)Product Name         Oil Cooler,bar-fin Oil Cooler For Hyundai Product Material        Aluminum PlateProduct Model  PLS00025Excavator Model   

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Oil Cooler,bar-fin Oil Cooler For Hyundai   (After Market)
Product Name         Oil Cooler,bar-fin Oil Cooler For Hyundai 

Product Material      

  Aluminum Plate
Product Model  PLS00025
Excavator Model    Fit For Hyundai R60-7
Cooling Type    Oil Cooler 
Core Dimensions  576X440X60mm

External Dimensions

Packaging  Wooden box,carton,or according to your requirements 
Payment  100% T/T or Others
PS : If you want to know the price , please tell me your quantity , more quantity , better price.

Core : high strength, high heat conductivity,high safety coefficient.

Sonicleaning : Sonicleaning,High efficiency,little corrosion to metal , few pollution.

Vacuum brazing : Strict control of vacuum degree, temperature and time.

Argon Welding : Weld Gaps straight appearance , squamous uniform.

Test : Air tightessn test and Pressure Text

Product Category--construction machinery

For Hitachi Excavator
EX07-7    EX60      EX90      EX100-1    EX120-5    EX200-1    EX200-2/3 EX200-5  EX220-1 EX220-2 EX220-5    EX300-1    EX300-3    EX300-5 EX400-2  EX400-3 EX450    ZAX200     ZAX240     ZAX330-1 ZAX330-3

For Komatsu Excavator
PC60-5/6 PC60-2/3 PC60-7  PC100-3   PC2100-6   PC100-5  
PC200-2(220-2)  PC200-3    PC200/220-5  PC200-6 PC200-7   PC220-1 PC220-6  PC220V8  PC220LC-3   PC350(245-6)    PC400-3   PC400-5/6 PC210   PC300-5    PC300-3   PC650     PC220-7    PC130-7    PC200-8 PC220-8 PC350-7   PC360-7

For Doosan Excavator
DH220-5  DH320   DH60-7  DH258-7  DH300-5  DH220-3  DH225-7
DH300-7  DH280   DH55     DH258-5  DH500-7

For Caterpillar Excavator 
E312    E320B   E110B(120B)   E300    E200B   E320C    E330     E320-1
E450    E320-2  E70B  E325B    E312B  E330B   E325C    E450     E330D E320D

For Kobelco Excavator
SK60   SK045    SK200-5   SK09    SK07-2    SK04W5    SK220-3A    SK230 SK07N2   SK120   SK200-3   SK200-1   SK200-6    SK200-6E    SK200-8 SK260-8   SK350-8

For Sumitomo Excavator
SH300  SH60    SH160A1   SH350   SH340    SH430F2    SH200    SH280F2 SH135 SH120  SH220      SH240   SH200-3 SH160F2(60A1)   SH200A2   SH60    SH210-5  SH220-2    SH350-3

For Hyundai Excavator
R60-7   R60-9   R215-7    R200-3   R300-5   R305-7    R405-7    R455-7

  Product Process  

Our Advantages
OEM Service : Customers simply provide heat transfer, flow, inlet temperature, outlet temperature, operating pressure, resistance, heat balance, core body size and other relevant parameters.

Team Support : Professional design team and technology team provide 24 hours service and 12 months warranty.

Factory Support : Accept sample order, economical and practical.

More service :
1) We can help buyers design specific products or produce products according to buyers'design.
2) We can print logo according to buyers' requirement.
3) We has exported to many countries, such as Korea, USA, German, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, etc.
4) After we ship the goods, we will email you the shipping information, as well as tracking number.
5) One year's warranty against B/L loading date. If you meet with quality problem, we promise to replace goods.

Our Factory
Jiusheng is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing the aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger for many types screw compressors and plate-fin heat exchanger groups for air separation, heat exchangers or hydraulic oil coolers for petroleum and chemical industry, construction and transportation. Our company occupies a total area of 11,600 square meters. Our employees are 105, includeing 8 managers, 6 technicians, 2 senior engineers and 10 technical backbone workers. There are 3 vacuum brazing furnaces, 11 fin special presses and other general machines, and our total equipment are more than 82 sets. Our production capability of aluminum plate-fin beat exchangers is 5,000 tons per year.

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Oil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for HyundaiOil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for Hyundai
Oil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for Hyundai
Oil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for Hyundai
Oil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for Hyundai
Oil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for HyundaiOil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for HyundaiOil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for Hyundai

    High effiency and high fiow are the characteristics we have worked hard to obtain.Highly polished end tank ensure the best heat reflection and appearance.

    We have following intercoolers.We are also welcome your own design.pls feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Oil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for Hyundai

          Our company is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of aluminum heat exchangers. Our factory is located on the bank of the Taihu Lake & in the west suburb of Wuxi. Our aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers feature high heating efficiency, small size, light weight and strong applicability. Our products are widely applied in engineering machinery, air compressors, vehicle separation, construction machinery separation, hydraulic transmission oil radiators, wind and electricity, electrical locomotive separation and boat separation as well as many other fields. Our products sell well in France, Germany, Italy, the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and New Zealand.

Oil Cooler, Bar-Fin Oil Cooler for Hyundai

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