Another cold front? The cool air travels to Florida again

2021-11-10 03:37:01 By : Ms. Sophia Ding

FOX 35 Storm Team Meteorologist Brooks Garner (Brooks Garner) has the latest weather information for Central Florida.

Orlando, Florida-Looking ahead this week, we see the emergence of another cold front.

The storm that passed through late last week is located in northeastern Florida, but is still affected by local weather. The northerly wind on the back of the Atlantic storm continued to bring gusty conditions and very dry air masses.

The sun is shining most of the time, and the high point is locked in the mid-1970s. The sky will also remain rainless.

The outdoor comfort index from 1 to 10 hovered around "9". The chance of rain increasing from Thursday to Friday.

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The waters along the Atlantic Ocean are still very dangerous, with local waters exceeding 10 feet. The small vessel’s advisory flag is flying high and is not expected to drop until about mid-week, as sea levels remain high.

The beach also has some dangers that you need to be aware of. At the beginning of the new week, high sea wave advisories, high offshore current risks, and the threat of coastal flooding during the high tide cycle are all issues. This week's climax will occur in the early morning and evening time frame.

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The next cold front will slip past later this week. Most models carry this system from late Friday to Saturday morning.

Although the atmosphere does not seem to be stormy during this period, as the front moves, at least a few sporadic showers are expected.

The cooling will begin behind the front line, and the high point will return to the 1960s next Sunday.

We will keep track of all changes, so stay tuned to FOX 35 Storm Team.

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