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2021-11-10 03:13:16 By : Ms. Linda Cheng

Its US subsidiary Renegade Materials Corp. is expanding its prepreg production capacity by approximately 2.5 times to meet advanced aerospace solutions and industrial applications.

Teijin Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) announced on October 19 that its carbon fiber subsidiary Renegade Materials Corp. (Miami, Ohio, USA) is an American company that provides high heat-resistant thermosetting prepregs, resins and adhesives for the aerospace industry. The supplier expanded its prepreg output by approximately 2.5 times. The increased capacity is in line with Renegade's capacity expansion strategy in Miamisburg, Ohio. It is the result of an investment of US$4 million in December 2019, and construction will begin in March 2020. The new production line will start operations in January 2022.

Renegade was established in 1993 as a resin manufacturer and in 2007 launched the thermoset prepreg business for aerospace applications under the Renegade brand. The company has expertise in the production of highly heat-resistant resin transfer molding (RTM) resins and adhesives. Toxic materials, and heat-resistant cycle prepregs.

More specifically, the company's proprietary heat-resistant thermosetting prepreg is being used to manufacture next-generation aircraft. By increasing its prepreg capacity, the company is prioritizing the use of high-performance materials to produce advanced aerospace solutions and industrial applications to meet the diverse needs of the global market.

Teijin stated that it is further strengthening the development of its carbon fiber product portfolio, aiming to become a company that supports the future society by providing innovative, high-performance materials and solutions with practical value.

Commercial production of recycled carbon fiber currently exceeds its applications, but material characterization and new technology demonstrations are expected to close the gap.

Since composites occupy a larger share (and form larger parts) in the field of aerospace structures, this is not just a claim of success or failure.

All signs indicate that demand in many market sectors is increasing. Will the capacity keep up?

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