By 2030, the heat exchanger market is worth 33.57 billion U.S. dollars,

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November 8, 2021 04:48 ET | Source: Market Research Future Market Research Future

New York, November 8, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Heat Exchanger Market Overview: According to the Comprehensive Research Report of Market Research Future (MRFR), "Heat Exchanger Market Research Report, Type, Application and Region-Forecast to 2027 "The market value is estimated to be 33.57 billion U.S. dollars by 2030, the compound annual growth rate during the forecast period (2022-2030) is 8.35%, and the market value in 2021 is 17.84 billion U.S. dollars.

The list of companies introduced in the Global Heat Exchanger Industry Report includes

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The global heat exchanger market is fragmented and highly competitive because of the existence of different major international and domestic players. These participants have adopted innovative strategies to maintain a leading position while meeting the growing needs of customers, including collaborations, contracts, partnerships, joint ventures, geographic expansion, new product launches, etc. In addition, they also invest in various research and development activities.

Market Research Future's review of the heat exchanger market

COVID-19 analysis of supply chain disruptions, economic conditions, fluctuations in demand shares, and the long-term and immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have had a negative impact on the growth of the heat exchanger market. The pandemic slowed economic activity and plunged the economy into a severe recession. Rooted in China, the global supply chain is facing shutdowns and unprecedented disruptions. In addition, in the initial setback, the industry is likely to return to normal during the forecast period and continue to grow.

Browse the in-depth market research report on heat exchangers (188 pages) The driving factors that promote the use of renewable resources for power generation to promote market growth Solar and wind energy Other renewable energy sources will increase the market value of heat exchangers during the forecast period. Due to the need to reduce GHC emissions, the demand for energy has increased, so the demand for installation of equipment has also increased. 

Opportunities The rising trend of effective thermal management provides strong opportunities for the refrigeration industry, HVAC, food and beverage, power generation, oil and gas, and chemical industries. The rising trend of effective thermal management will provide strong opportunities for the entire market during the forecast period. 

Constraining the instability of raw material prices as market constraints. The instability of raw material prices and high maintenance costs may affect the global heat exchanger market share during the forecast period. 

Challenging the availability of cheap alternatives as a market challenge During the forecast period, the availability of cost-effective components and cheap alternatives, as well as the complex installation of components, may become market challenges. 

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Market Segmentation The global heat exchanger market is divided according to application and type. 

Through application, the chemical sector will lead the market during the forecast period. Chemicals are widely used in companies such as polymers, pharmaceuticals, plastics, petrochemicals, and agrochemicals. 

By type, the shell and tube segment market will dominate the market during the forecast period of high pressure and operating temperature. These also make it easy to detect any malfunctions and reduce the pressure around the tube cooler. 

Regional analysis North America will lead the heat exchanger market North America will lead the heat exchanger market during the forecast period. The existence of established companies with advanced technologies increasingly adopts the oil and gas industry, IT industry, communication technology, HVAC, automotive and aviation. The region is home to several established companies engaged in oil and gas, information and communication technology The company’s location, HVAC, automotive, aviation and aerospace, increase investment in technological advancement, improve work efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption, increasing oil and gas exploration and production activities in Canada and the United States, and growing commercial and industrial sectors The energy demand is increasing in the region as the global heat exchanger market is growing.

The heat exchanger market in the Asia-Pacific region will show admirable growth. During the forecast period, the heat exchanger market in the Asia-Pacific region will show admirable growth. Rapid urbanization and industrialization in Japan, China, and India, increased capital expenditures, growing consumer demand for products, the existence of emerging economies such as Japan, India, and China, the increase in urban populations, the improvement of living standards, and the economic growth of oil refineries Use is contributing to the growth of the global heat exchanger market in the region. 

Market segments covered by the research:

Heat exchanger market research report, by type (shell and tube, plate, regenerative, air-cooled), application (chemicals, oil and gas, power generation, HVACR, food and beverage, other) and region (North America, Europe, Asia) ) -Pacific, RoW)-forecast to 2030


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